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March 14, 2020

#91 Professional Dungeon Masters

This week, Morrus and Peter discuss professional Dungeon Masters including a hands-on review of hiring someone to run a Dungeons & Dragons game for you. In the news, Fantasy Flight’s roleplaying games and the Lord of the Rings licenses have both found new homes, new information about Baldur’s Gate 3, the top 5 bestselling RPGs, Origins Award nominees announced, Ed Greenwood returning to write Forgotten Realms, and more! Plus a brand new sketch about how dire a dire badger actually is.



The One Ring/Adventures in Middle-earth License Goes to Free League

Latest ICv2 Stats Sees Free League’s Alien RPG Sneak into the Top 5

News Digest for the Week of March 13 (Baldur’s Gate 3, Chaosium and Chris Spivey part ways on sci-fi RPG, Starfinder FAQ website updated, WizKids Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures)

FFG Star Wars and Other Roleplaying Games Aren’t Going Away After All

Origins Award Nominees for 2020

Goodman Games Reincarnating X2 Castle Amber

The Troubleshooters: 60’s Cartoon Themed RPG

Ed Greenwood and Alex Kammer Working on The Border Kingdoms

One Page Adventure: Flight of the Almost Dragons

Baldur’s Gate 3 AMA (EN World forum discussion)

RPG Crowdfunding News


Professional Dungeonmasters

Wired Magazine Article

Dungeon Master for Hire Homepage (San Francisco)


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