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March 13, 2019

#39 Secrets of Running a Convention with John Dodd

This week, Morrus and Peter and joined by John Dodd from UK Games Expo, Dragonmeet, and more to tell us all about the behind-the-scenes secrets of managing a major gaming convention. In the news, Critical Role has a Kickstarter, two big new game announcements from Modiphius, Wizards of the Coast gets a new designer, Pathfinder 2nd Edition release information, and more! Plus Our Favorite Game in All the World, a new sketch, and a brand new segment: Patreon Asked Questions!


Our Guest: John Dodd

UK Games Expo




What’s Caught Our Eye

Order of the Stick

Joe Manganiello’s Death Saves at GaryCon

Critical Role Kickstarter



Critical Role Kickstarter!

Modiphius to Distribute Grimmerspace

Dan Dillon Joins Wizards of the Coast!

Fallout Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Launch Titles and Release Schedule!-1E-Celebration-Sale-Tyrant-s-Grasp-for-Pathfinder-and-Dawn-of-Flame-for-Starfinder-Adventure-Paths

Relics & Rarities Free on YouTube

WotC Changing NPC Stat Format

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Map Preview

Galactic Sentience Catalog (DriveThru)

Galactic Sentience Catalog (Paperback)

Galactic Sentience Catalog (Kindle Edition)



Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG

Jinkies! The Roleplaying Game

Terry Mancour’s Spellmonger


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