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January 2, 2019

#29 Monte Cook and Shanna Germain Interview

Morrus and Peter are still off for the holiday break, so here is an older interview Morrus did at UK Games Expo in 2014 with Monte Cook and Shanna Germain!

Monte Cook worked on D&D for TSR back in the 1990s, and continued working there as the company was bought by WotC, and then by Hasbro. He founded Malhavoc Press, and later co-founded Monte Cook Games with Shanna Germain.

This is a long-form interview, covering a wide range of subjects. Monte talks about working at WotC on D&D (twice!), and both he and Shanna talk about Monte Cook Games, creating Numenera, Kickstarters, and more.

Apologies for the audio quality; this was recorded live in a small room with a single microphone and a loud fan.

You can watch the original video version on our YouTube channel:

And you can find out more about Monte Cook Games at their homepage:


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