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May 1, 2021

#148: The Business of RPG Streaming with Little Red Dot

This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Little Red Dot, Twitch streamer and content producer for Kobold Press to talk about the business and production side of Twitch streaming. In the news, Vampire: The Masquerade and Scion both headed to television, Jeff Goldblum on a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast, Wizards of the Coast makes up 75% of Hasbro’s profits, and more! Plus Our Favourite Game in All the World and a brand new sketch about not quite getting there in time.


Little Red Dot

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Kobold Press



World of Darkness coming to TV

Scion is Coming to TV

Jeff Goldblum to Appear in D&D Podcast

Travis Vengroff Talks Jeff Goldblum and Dungeons & Dragons

Wizards of the Coast Generates 75% of Hasbro’s Profits for Q1 2021

Goblinization Day

News Digest for the Week of April 30 (Doctor Who license extended)

Level Up Playtest Document #17: Journeys



Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent

Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire

Sirens: Battle of the Bards

Comets & Cockpits

Fantasy City Sites and Scenes III

Ekemon’s Exotic Mounts for 5e

Endless Encounters: Dungeons

Into the Feywild: Fey Critters for D&D 5e

Corsairs of Cthulhu

Find out all the RPG crowdfunding projects ending soon every week with Egg Embry’s RPG Crowdfunding News


Streaming and Content Production

Kobold Press’s Twitch Channel

Little Red Dot’s Twitch Channel



Twitch Affiliate requirements are a minimum of 50 followers, minimum of 500 minutes total streamtime, and an average* of 3 or more concurrent viewers across all streams with a minimum of 7 unique streaming days over a rolling 30-day period (“Days” run from 00:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT). This is an automated process with an invitation sent as soon as the requirements are met.

Twitch Partner requirements are a minimum of 25 hours streamed with a minimum of 12 unique streaming days and an average* of 75 concurrent viewers (not counting raids, hosts, and embeds) over a rolling 30-day period OR can demonstrate a “large, engaged viewership/following on other services” (meaning popular YouTubers can skip the requirements). This is a manually reviewed process you must apply for and is approved or denied by an actual person and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

* These numbers can be difficult to calculate because they’re averaged for an entire stream then averaged again for the rolling 30-day period, but a basic idea is that they’re averaged for an entire stream, then averaged again per stream. For example, if you stream for one hour and have one viewer for the first 15 minutes then four viewers for the following 45 minutes, your average viewer count for that stream is 3.25. If your next two streams average out to 2 and 4 viewers (regardless of the length of those streams), then your average viewer count for those three streams together is 3. This is different than the calculation on Twitch’s analytics page and can cause confusion if the Path to Affiliate achievement doesn’t unlock even though it says you have more than 3 average viewers over the previous 30 days.

Note: When agreeing to become a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner, you also agree to specific terms including but not limited to no concurrent streaming on other platforms (you can still stream to YouTube or Facebook, but you cannot do so while also streaming to Twitch) and a minimum 24 hour delay between the ending of a stream and the posting of any material from that stream to another platform (so if your stream ends at 5 PM on Monday, you can’t post the archive to YouTube until 5 PM on Tuesday).


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