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September 12, 2018

#13 Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Morrus and Peter take a look at the latest D&D adventure from WotC, and page through the book in an audio unboxing. Plus the latest news, Things from the Flood, the new Drizzt novel, Timeless, and more. Malach the Maleficent returns, and we play our favourite game in all the world.


What Caught Our Eye

12 Micro RPGs on two sheets of paper

Things from the Flood (sequel to Tales from the Loop)



Timeless by R. A. Salvatore

Art and Arcana

Art and Arcana Special Edition

Mists of Akuma Kickstarter

New Judge Dredd Preview!

Dice Envy




Ghost Writer

Black Star: Death and Decay


Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Wizards of the Coast Product Page

EN World Review by Beth Rimmels

Amazon link

Dragon Heist Dice Set

Dragon Heist Miniature Set


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