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May 8, 2019

#47 Expedition to Saltmarsh – Tammeraut’s Fate

This week, Morrus and Peter take a look at “Tammeraut’s Fate” from Dungeon #106, the next-to-last adventure to be remade for D&D’s Ghosts of Saltmarsh. In the news, a new edition of Shadowrun is coming out this year, the Origins Award Nominees are announced, Paizo is making a Pathfinder Adventure Path for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (?!?), and more! Plus a brand new sketch and our favorite game in all the world!



Big Eyes Small Mouth 4th Edition Announced Amid Controversy

Spaceships and Starwyrms on Kickstarter

D&D Beyond: Most Popular D&D Items

Origins Award Nominees Announced

Shadowrun Sixth Edition Announced

Unboxing video by Your Editor Darryl of the Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box

Paizo Update

More Info about Acquisitions Inc. Sourcebook

Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5e Preview

Paizo’s Kingmaker for 5th Edition!

Kingmaker 10th Anniversary on Game on Tabletop

Traveller 5th Edition Reprint Kickstarter

Unity RPG Preview

Geek Native’s List of 20 of the Best D&D Memes



Relics: A Game of Angels

One Child’s Heart

Fight! 2nd Edition


Tammeraut’s Fate

Dungeons #106 from Paizo

Pre-Order Ghosts of Saltmarsh

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