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February 17, 2019

Crash City s1e8: Spiderweb

Crash City is approaching its finale! Under attack from an unknown sniper, the group fends for their lives and the life of their dying hacker.  Can they find out what all this has been about before they are all killed?

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January 27, 2019

Crash City s1e6: Longshot

Cyberpunk adventures! The group returns to Lucius' clinic to regroup and purchase supplies when some trouble lands on their doorstep in a very literal way.

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The journey into Junktown has been difficult to say the least, but making a decent-sized deal in the middle of it isn't exactly a pleasant way to spend your day.  Will they finally earn some credits for the work they've put in so far?

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The cyberpunk actual play RPG continues! Trying to sell their recently stolen goods, the group heads into the extremely dangerous Junktown area of Crash City.

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The group is chased by Monarch Warehouse Corpsec guards through the streets of Uptown in Crash City as they try to meet their delivery of the necklace to the Duchess.

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The Warehouse melee begins as the group searches for The Dutchess' necklace.  They get a little more than they bargain for as CorpSec puts up a good fight, however.

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CRASH CITY is a brand new live-streamed cyberpunk-themed RPG show from Tablestory. Bound and gagged, the player characters are forced to work for one of the most dangerous people in Crash City.  The Dutchess does not tolerate failure.

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