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January 25, 2020

#84 Top 10 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2020 with Shane Stacks

This week, Peter is on holiday in China so Morrus is joined by guest co-host Shane Stacks. In the news, Wildemount most pre-ordered D&D book since the Dungeons & Dragons core rules, Pathfinder 2e get s a new Lead Designer, Dishonored RPG announced, D&D movie news, and more! Plus a sketch about a GM who wants to try something new…


Shane Stacks

Shane Plays



Monte Cook Games’ Next Kickstarter is Ptolus

Voting is Open for the BAMFsies Superhero RPG Awards


Greg Tito Says Wildemount the Most Pre-Ordered D&D Book Since the Core Rules

Logan Bonner Named Pathfinder Lead Designer

World of Darkness New Blood Starter Set Announced

Dishonored RPG Announced from Modiphius

DC Comics Publishing D&D Sourcebook

Tome of Beasts 2 Kickstarter Launched from Kobold Press

News Digest for the Week of January 24 (D&D Movie News, Kickstarter 2019 Report)

The Cauldron: A Novel by Russ Morrissey

Sign-up Page for Notifications about The Cauldron

Adventure Search

DM’s Guild Community Creators Charity Bundle

DM’s Guild Adventurer’s League Charity Bundle

DM’s Guild Wizards of the Coast Charity Bundle


Most Anticipated Games of 2020

Full list:


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Kickstarter News Column used for the Kickstarter Game: Egg Embry

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Kickstarter Game Theme: Lyrics by Russ Morrissey, Vocals by “drwilko”, Guitar by Darryl Mott

Malach the Maleficent played by Darren Morrissey

PS. Be sure to wish Your Editor Darryl a happy 40th birthday today, January 25!

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